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Potential Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Upper Back Arthritis

Upper back arthritis is also known as thoracic spondylosis. This condition is caused by wear and tear on the joints in the thoracic spine. This condition is most commonly associated with advanced age, but is also associated with injury, fall or trauma in younger people as well. Symptoms may include pain in the neck, shoulderblades, upper arms, and the back of the head.


Whiplash is an injury caused by an abrupt jerking forward/backward motion of the head and neck (think of cracking a whip). This type of motion is most commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents. Whiplash may damage the spinal joints, discs, and nerve roots of the cervical spine. Some of the symptoms associated with whiplash are pain and stiffness in the neck, upper back, shoulders, and back of the head. This can be associated with low back pain as well.

Shoulder Blade Nerve Pain

Shoulder blade nerve pain is also known as suprascapular neuralgia. This condition is most commonly associated with athletes and employees that have a lot of overhead activities such as lifting/pushing objects on high shelves or serving a tennis ball. Suprascapular neuralgia is considered an “overuse” injury and causes severe pain and weakness in the affected shoulder.


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